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CISCO sertifikātu svinīgā pasniegšana!

On 27 September 2018, TSI hosted the ceremonial delivery of certificates for the completion of the Cisco Networking Academy courses. Certificates for the course CCNA R&S Introduction to Networks were awarded to distance learning students. Certificates for the course CCNA R&S Routing and Switching Essentials were awarded to the students of the groups 4501BD, 4502BD, 4501BV, 3602BD, 4401BN, 3502BN as well as to distance learning students. Our graduates trained in groups 3402BD and 3402BV also received certificates for the course CCNA R&S Connecting Networks.

The students were congratulated by Mihails Savrasovs, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunication, Aleksandrs Grakovskis, Director of the Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks programme, teacher Jeļena Baranova and Jeļena Revzina, TSI Cisco Academy Manager.

Jeļena Revzina made a presentation and told about new opportunities for professional development using the Cisco Networking Academy resources. The students also thanked Ms Jeļena Baranova as a wonderful teacher of the Computer Networks discipline.

Congratulations to our students and graduates on their latest achievement!

We wish you success!


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